KartWheelz go-karting party plan

When you book your KartWheelz party we like you to know exactly what you are getting before the party starts. So please sit back for a moment, read the following KartWheelz go-karting party plan, and take in the party atmosphere.

thepartyOn arrival

At the start of the KartWheelz party we get all the children together and introduce ourselves ‘the race marshals’ to the children. We give them an introductory safety talk and make sure that everyone is happy with the Karts and how they work. We also explain just how the races will take place. Children will have several rides on the go-karts in our one-hour party package. This may vary depending on the childrens age, ability,  and the number of children at the party. For details of recommended numbers please see our race packages page. At this time we also discretely check that the children are not too tall for the Go-karts (Maximum height 4 feet 9 inches) for safety reasons.

The Races

Before the start of the races we will set the go-kart speed according to the age and ability of the child driving. The speed of the karts will dictate the number of laps however we try  to let each child to have at least three drives on the track and if there is time we try and squeeze in one more drive.

Practice Drive (No.1)

Everyones nerves are calmed by the time they have had their first practice drive. We start them off slowly so that they can get used to the go-kart and the track layout; a few laps of the track will build up their confidence in leaps and bounds.

Training Drive (No.2)

We start to challenge the drivers with some obstacles on the track. The obstacles are simply safety cones, but watch their faces as they focus on mastering that difficult maneuver. Depending on the age of the children we can make this harder with the use of special props.

Rapid Drive (No.3)

All going well, and with your agreement we can crank up the speed. The kids love it. With the extra speed comes the excitement of the race. As race marshall we watch every move  to ensure safety so you can concentrate on taking pictures and cheering them on.

Race Round (No.4)

If it’s possible we try and get this 4th drive in for everybody. We pull out the checkered flag and get everyone watching to cheer on the participants. What a ride, a real finale for the children for their go-kart party.

KartWheelz go karting party celebration and awards

At our KartWheelz go karting party celebration race awards, everyone’s a winner, and better still a certificate of success is awarded to every party participant. The birthday child will receive an extra special KartWheelz Trophy. Finally one last whizz around the track for the birthday child, with everyone cheering as they drive around the track, then a stop under the grand prix arch for photos, what a day!

Back to you now Mum & Dad for party food and cake.