Frequently Asked Questions

What does the party involve?

KartWheelz Go-Kart WinnerAt the start of the party we will provide a safety briefing and equipment demonstration. The children will drive the Go Karts in groups of 4 for 2 minutes, then the next group of 4 children will have a go and so on. After the initial turns we may increase the speed of the Go Karts and introduce team games. At the end of the party each child receives a printed certificate to celebrate their KartWheelz experience and the birthday child receives a trophy for the best driver.

Will they be shown what to do?

We will ensure that each child is capable of using the Go Kart. However be advised that we do not provide training, only guidance of how to drive a Go Kart. There is also the option of having a parent / adult seated behind the child should they need additional support.

How safe is KartWheelz?

Safety is the principal factor that is essential for a KartWheelz event. KartWheelz uses the most modern and extremely safe Go Karts that have been specifically design and built with child safety as the main factor plus they are fully maintained and serviced (annually). We also have an additional safety feature that allows us to remotely cut the power to all four Go Karts. All of our staff members and have been fully trained by the manufacturer of the Go Karts and are highly experienced. The Go Karts are fitted with safety harnesses plus have regenerative brakes and wrap around bumpers. The Go Kart speed capability is variable between 1mph and 6 mph so therefore adjustable to match the ability of the child. All of our staff members are fully DBS checked and KartWheelz is insured with £5m public liability insurance.

What surfaces do the go karts run on?

Our go karts are ideal for running on surfaces  such as level tarmac, classic gym and sports halls surfaces, concrete or paved area in addition to performing on many other surfaces such as shingle or a firm lawn area (grass).

How many children can I bring?

We run 60 minute parties for 12 – 16 children or 90 minute parties for 16 – 20 children. We have a fantastic party structure that is filled with games, races, and driving challenges. Our parties have a great atmosphere and we ensure all children have plenty of turns, which makes for a better quality party. If we overloaded the parties with more children, then that would mean the children have far fewer goes and have much longer to wait in between each turn.

What clothes should they wear?

Casual clothing that is comfortable and not too loose. Long hair should be tied up and any loose items or clothing should be removed or tucked away to ensure that it does not get caught in any moving parts. We recommend flat sole shoes, preferably trainers or similar. There is no requirement for children to wear a helmet because the Go Karts are extremely safe.

Is there a minimum number of children?

Not as such, but we recommend at least 8 children, so there is always some children to cheer on the other drivers.

Do I have to pay extra for the venue?

Yes. We are totally mobile and therefore allow you to choose the location of the party. We would then contact your chosen venue and book a minimum slot of 2 hours. This allows us 30 minutes set up time, a 1 hour party and 30 minutes packing away time. We have two inflatable barriers to accommodate different size venues. Our smallest inflatable track requires 14 metres by 10 metres. Our larger inflatable track requires 16 metres by 12 metres floor space. We have a list of venues that we have been to and checked out ourselves, however we are more than happy to come to a venue of your choice as long as it satisfies our requirements.

Is it really suitable for young children?

Absolutely, our Go Karts and inflatable barrier are designed specifically for young children. However, if the party is for a child turning 4 years old, we only offer a one hour party. We may also revise the structure slightly for younger groups.

Are the parties supervised?

Yes, all Go Karting sessions are supervised by ourselves. We are in attendance throughout every session to ensure all drivers adhere to the rules and safety procedures and enjoy the party as well.