KartWheelz Terms and Conditions

KartWheelz staff and operator’s will make every effort to ensure that your child’s birthday party, special occasion or activity event is a Fun, Fantastic and Thrilling experience that will be remembered fondly for years to come. To ensure that this happens, there are a few terms and conditions we would like to draw your attention to.

1. General:

1.1. Bookings are made in time slots. A 60 minute time slot can accommodate 12-16 children, a 90 minute time slot can accommodate 12-20 children.

1.2. Confirmation of your booking will be sent upon receipt of your deposit, which is non-refundable.

1.3. Deposit to be paid within 48 hours of the initial booking.

1.4. Once the deposit is received and the booking is confirmed any cancellation may result in 100% loss of deposit. This is to adhere to the booking policies of third parties, leisure centres and halls.

1.5. The balance must be paid, 14 days prior to the party. Failure to do so may result in the party booking being cancelled with the loss of the deposit.

1.6. KartWheelz reserves the right to alter or cancel any party booking on the day due to weather conditions or any other factors outside our control. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, KartWheelz will do their very best to accommodate this circumstance and continue with the party, but this may not always be possible. In the unlikely event that this happens KartWheelz would offer a full refund. No other compensation would be given.

1.7. If you need to cancel your event, we require a minimum of 72 hours notice as per the terms and conditions with leisure centres, third parties and halls.

1.8. A KartWheelz party consists of 4 electric Go Karts within an inflatable track. While our Go karts are well maintained, there may be rare circumstances where either a Go Kart is damaged or suffers mechanical breakdown. We will attempt to fix the Go Kart onsite but where this is not possible, the party will continue with a reduced number of Go Karts with no refund due.

1.7. Where the party is held at your own premises, we will endeavour to check that the proposed site meets our operating requirements, but when this is not practicable due to the distance or other circumstances, we then rely on you to examine the area to check yourself that the venue meets the requirements as detailed below. We will discuss this with you prior to confirmation of booking. When we arrive for the party we will carry out a risk assessment. If our criterion is not met KartWheelz reserve the right to cancel or amend the event without a refund. (Section 2)

1.8. In addition to KartWheelz staff, at least two adults must be present at the event at all times to supervise the children not driving the Go Karts. It is the responsibility of these adults to ensure that associated entourage and spectators plus participating children do not enter the track area until called forward by KartWheelz staff operator.

1.9. The session time for your Go Karting party includes time allowed for the pre-Go Karting safety briefing and for the handing out of certificates and presentation ceremony at the end.

1.10 Where KartWheelz undertake the arrangement and booking of a venue for your party on your behalf, we will not be liable if the venue has to cancel or change the booking as per each individual terms and conditions.

1.11 Where KartWheelz accepting a booking 14 days or less prior the event/party date payment must be made in full and the above stipulated terms apply.

2. Venue requirements:

Any venue recommended by KartWheelz or your own chosen should be deemed to meet these requirements:

2.1. Relevant permission must have been obtained in advance.

2.2. A minimum of 15m X 10m of clear unobstructed space (50ft x 30ft) is required for the circuit and an additional area should be available around or near the circuit for the children to wait.

2.3. The surface must be flat, level and firm without bumps or undulations. Grass should be firm level and cut short.

2.4. The area must be free from obstacles, debris and animal deposits.

2.5. Where a mains electricity supply is not available, an area that can be cordoned off should be made available to site the generator.

2.6. There must be adequate transport access to the venue, sufficient parking space close to the venue for a van and trailer and easy access to the area where the Go Karts are to run. Gateways or doorways must be at least 1m (3ft) in width and clear of obstacles.

2.7. Where a party room is booked, the minimum amount of time is 45 minutes. Access to the room may not be available until the go-kart party ends. This depends on the venue rules and may vary depending on how busy the venue is.

3. Safety:

For the enjoyment and safety of all children, the following conditions apply:

3.1. While we will encourage and support all children driving our Go Karts, we reserve the right to exclude any driver.

3.2. KartWheelz operates a remote cut out facility of all four Go Karts. This allows us full control over the Go Karts. We reserve the right to stop the Go Karts at any time during a party for safety reasons should the need arise.

3.3. The person booking the party is responsible for all children at the party whether they are participating or not.

3.4. All children must be a minimum of 4 years old to drive a Go Kart without assistance.

3.5. Children must not wear or carry anything which could cause an obstruction or get caught in any part of the Go Kart.

3.6. Every child must listen to the safety briefing which we give prior to each party. If there are latecomers, they will be given the safety briefing when they arrive. This may result in a reduced Go Karting time for the other children.

3.7. A child must demonstrate that they can use the Go Kart as instructed. Specifically: they must be able to keep moving forward at a steady pace so as not to obstruct other children driving; they must be able to steer the Go Kart without deliberately bumping into other Go Karts or the track. They must demonstrate that they can stop the Go Kart when asked and be able to carry out these simple actions without assistance if driving the Go Kart alone. Any child who cannot demonstrate compliance for whatever reason, or who repeatedly causes disruption or obstruction to the other drivers in any way, may not be allowed to continue. No refund will be due in the unlikely event of a child being excluded.

3.8. If required a child can have a responsible adult to assist on the Go Kart. This is at the discretion of KartWheelz. At no point will we ride on the Go Karts with a child in order to assist them.

3.9. To ensure that the event runs smoothly, protect our equipment and the children using it, we ask that they must adhere to the safety rules given in the safety briefing.

  • Deliberate bumping into other Go Karts and inflatable barrier is not allowed.
  • Children must keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times.
  • Children should look forward in the direction they are driving.
  • Children must not get into or out of the Go Karts without the supervision of KartWheelz staff member.
  • Children waiting must not enter the track area until the previous drivers have left.
  • Children must never enter the track area while the Go Karts are in operation.
  • Children must stop their Go Kart if requested to do so.
  • Children must not lean or climb on the inflatable barrier.


Driving Go Karts can be a dangerous activity that can lead to serious injury or even result in death. You accept responsibility for the risks involved and responsibility for your own actions and the participant(s) actions and or involvement. You declare that you are the parent or guardian of any children in the group, or, if not, that you have the authority from the child/children(s) parent(s) or guardian(s) to sign to confirm consent on their behalf.

By booking a party you confirm that you have read, agreed and understood these Terms & Conditions.